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Sydney Kendall's novel, A Turn for DeWurst @ i LOVE prodos . COM
Ever since she was a child Sydney Kendall
has believed ideas are important!
Here she is discussing the life and work
of one of her heroes,
Thomas Jefferson,
a meeting in Australia.

Sydney loves being colorful, dressing up, and enjoying life! Here she is heading out to enjoy the sunshine with
someone special
on Valentine's Day!

Sydney loves to make things. Look! She's got a new sewing machine. Goody! Cuddly! 

Sydney Kendall, author of A Turn for DeWurst
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    Words of Praise!
    From individuals young and old (from 12 to 82) from every corner of the world (from Miami to Bombay to Uzbekistan)

  • I love Sydney Kendall's book and have recommended it to several people. My 72 year old friend read it and bought it for her grandson.

  • I have obtained ... the book written by you and have read it as long back as October, and I must say, that I got JUST what I was searching and longing for, all these years Very well written and I simply could not put it down - just like a thriller.

  • DeWurst's characters and events have given my daughter a frame of reference for understanding issues that would otherwise be too abstract, so thank you again. [My daughter] walked in a bit ago with your book to show me she's almost finished it once more [!] ... She loves Astrid, and we have had many laughs over Jade and her Jailbirds.

  • The plot of the book is very interesting and I have really enjoyed following the feeling of those young boys and girls. Truly, from time to time, I had even night dreams about this book. The girl, Astrid, so unordinary little lady, that I fall in love with her - her doings and thoughts. ... I've also learned useful words from it, which will make my English better.

  • I just want to let you know how much I appreciated your book. I just gave it to my nephew for his birthday. I hope many, many people read it and refer it and give it as gifts. I asked our Library to buy it.

  • My daughter ... gave me your book A Turn for DeWurst to read. I'm greatful to her for giving me a chance to get acquainted with your book. The problems and life of teenagers, the relations between "fathers and children", problems of school education have always been in the centre of the society for centuries. Your description of all these problems is done in a very talented and at the same time in simple words.

  • I found your book's resemblance to The Fountainhead to be one of its best qualities. Rand fashioned her characters as types, and many of your characters function on the same motivating principles but in a story that children can grasp ...

  • Remarkable is the vocabulary of the book. It can be read by any school pupil and student.

  • I do talk to my daughter about proper values but feel I'm always talking over her head in abstractions. This book was the perfect way to approach many issues on a level she could relate to based on her own experiences. I think Astrid is the perfect role model for children in her nonconformity and drive for intellectual excellence, and children desperately need such fictional heroes ...

  • The characters are very vivid as if they (say Astrid, for example) live side by side with you. And their reflections become very close for you. In short, I enjoyed your book greatly.

  • Thank you very much for your work.

  • The CEO [of our school] is finally looking at your book. I am sure that we will use it.

  • I am 15 but when I read your book I was 14. I liked the book very much, my mom suggested the book to me ... I liked the ideas that were shown in the book and found out that it really [is not] for small kids because the adult ideas [in it are such that] small kids would not understand.

  • Finally, I want to plug Sydney Kendall's lovely A Turn for DeWurst. If any of you on this list haven't read it yet, please do so. You won't be disappointed.

  • When the book first came out I bought an extra copy for my children, ages 12 and 14 ...

  • DeWurst's conflict is between a gifted child and a brilliantly twisted monster - a conflict that grows beyond the main heroine and villain to become a conflict between ALL the children of DeWurst and the principles that this monster embodies.

  • I just read A Turn For DeWurst. It's awesome!

  • Kendall uses adult and children's characters in comparison and contrast on multiple levels to get at the heart of their moral choices. Heroes are honest minds who want to do the right thing, and villains are motivated by their desire to control others by faking, defrauding, bullying and physical force.
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