Merry Christmas 2010
From Tallulahdahling!

This year's gift:
  • 253 Christmassy hand-drawn, colored .png tiles, and 
  • 157 greyscale/black-and-white matching tiles.
    They are 72 dpi

There are 4 ZIP files:

And, of course, these tiles are free for personal and commercial renders, and for personal, freebie, and commercial texturing.

Terms and conditions

Just a small sample of colored tiles from all 4 sets.

Just a small sample of greyscale tiles from all 4 sets. Think how bumpy and displacementy you can get with these!

From Set #1: Stripey goodness!  Greta and Boshenka and their snowman think stripes are the freakin' wave of the future.  Poinsettia stripes! Snowy stripes! Bouncy dotty stripes! Nifty gifty stripes! 

From Set #2: Snowflakes. There are way more patterns in this set than you see here.  The knit texture may not look extremely snowflake-like, but it was derived from a snowflake texture, and comes in greyscale as well as in colors.  Tabitha just loves her green sweater and her red and green snowflake patterned pants.  Hah! Not all the stripes are in the Stripes zip! 

From Set #3: Ornaments!  And who would have thought that you could knit a sweater out of ornaments, eh?  Well, that's what Hedrick did. You may not be able to tell from here, but his sweater is 100% ornament-derived.  It's Christmas magic, I tell you!

From Set #4: Christmas Fairies, Lacy butterflies-and-flowers, and a big X that makes a nice harlequin trellis when you use one of its greyscale versions as a trans map!  Great for climbing.  Better than a rock wall!

It's possible to go overboard with greyscale.

Mix the tiles up together in one room, and you can have a very Christmassy experience.  I think this mature, sophisticated version of Boshenka is going to have a very romantic Christmas.  I wonder who's just entered the room, beyond the frame where we can't see?  I have a feeling he's worth looking at.

Have lots of fun playing with your tiles!

Here they are: